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Types of Services

The Open Door provides various levels of care for children, adolescents, and adults which is determined by the use of nationally used, state approved criteria for treatment. A description of each service offered at The Open Door is listed below. To view specialty services click here

Pre-Screen & Referral (Free Service)

The pre-screen is a process by which the client is determined appropriate and eligible for admission to a particular level of care. They take about 10-15 minutes, and can be done by calling The Open Door or walking in during business hours. Criteria considered are psychological, social and physiological signs and symptoms of alcohol and other drug use and abuse. Coexisting conditions (medical, psychiatric, physical, etc.) that indicate the need for additional professional assessment and/or services are identified. A screening is completed to schedule an intake.

Alcohol & Other Drug Assessment

Assessments take about 90 minutes, and a pre-screen must be completed before an assessment can be scheduled (see above). At this time, relevant history is gathered from the client including but not limited to alcohol and other drug use. With consent of the individual, the counselor will also seek additional and corroborative information as available from significant secondary sources regarding the client’s substance use history and psychosocial history. From this information the counselor determines if the person meets criteria for a substance use diagnosis, and if so, if they meet criteria for treatment and what kind of treatment would be of most benefit. Additionally, during an assessment, a counselor identifies and evaluates the person’s strengths, weaknesses, problems and needs to be used in the development of a treatment plan.

Insight Education Program

Insight is a level of care for clients whose assessment indicated no need for treatment but a need for education regarding the physical and mental health concerns and general consequences and negative impact of excessive alcohol or drug use. Success strategies are also incorporated, including managing stress, goal setting, communication skills, and self- esteem strengthening. This one-time 12.5 hour class is offered every six weeks on a Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm. The cost is $225 for Indiana County incidents and $250 for out-of-county transfers. Since Insight is education and not treatment, insurance does not cover the cost.

Outpatient Treatment

The Open Door offers a range of outpatient services in group, individual, couples and family modalities to address substance use related concerns in both child/adolescent and adult populations. Intensity, frequency and duration, as well as specific group assigned to will vary based upon the needs of the individual, however services at an outpatient level are five or fewer hours per week. Topics addressed are both client and program-driven depending upon the needs of the individual and/or group. Specialized services are offered for specific populations to address needs specific to identified groups of individuals. Individuals may be referred to one service or multiple services concurrently to address needs as identified by both the person and Agency at the initial assessment. Referral to and participation in self-help support groups and recovery-oriented activities outside of sessions is strongly promoted.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) was designed for adults whose substance use history is more extensive. The frequency, intensity and duration of substance use are at the level of dependency and the person requires more structure and support than traditional outpatient programs to achieve immediate sobriety or maintain recent attempts at abstinence. The goals for this service are for participants to achieve and maintain immediate sobriety, identify and challenge thoughts and behaviors supporting current addiction, initiate healthier recovery-oriented behaviors, learn and begin (re)integrating coping skills, identify problem-solving skills for triggers and high-risk situations, re)engage in 12-step work and self-help programs, and develop an improved recovery environment. Participants typically meet 3-5 times weekly for two hours in a group setting. Typical lengths of stay range from 6 to 12 weeks. Individual sessions are typically scheduled for 30 minutes to one-hour bi-weekly. Additional individual sessions are scheduled based upon client needs.

Partial Hospitalization

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) was designed for adults whose substance use history is extensive and for whom the behaviors characterizing active addiction are well established. The frequency, intensity and duration of substance use are at the level of dependency and the person requires intensive structure and support to achieve immediate sobriety or maintain recent attempts at abstinence. Programmatic goals for this service are for participants to achieve and maintain immediate sobriety and prevent a referral to higher levels of care such as inpatient treatment, or as the initial referral for treatment and aftercare following treatment in an inpatient setting. Programming is more structured and addresses topics including coping strategies, self-care, motivation enhancement, denial, stress management, identification of and addressing immediate high-risk situations, and improving recovery environment. Stabilization is the primary goal in PHP. Participants meet 5 times weekly for three hours in a group setting and 2-3 times weekly for one hour individually. Typical length of stay ranges from 4-8 weeks.

Rehab Referrals

Inpatient treatment is a broad term for a type of service that has various levels of care. Although, The Open Door is not an inpatient facility The Open Door provides intensive case management services for residents of Indiana or Armstrong County interested in receiving inpatient services. Our case managers and treatment specialist work together to set up appointments and possible transportation from The Open Door to an inpatient facility.

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