Intervention FAQs

When is it okay to do an intervention?

When a person has an addiction or is living in excess: alcohol or other drugs, gambling, eating disorder, homeless, in an abusive situation, or other harmful living condition.

When the person does not realize their addiction or living situation is harmful to them and to those around them – they suspect if the person continues on their present path their will be harmful consequences to them, such as death or involvement with the criminal justice system.

When is it improper to do an intervention?

When the family/friends conducting the intervention suspects the person will react with violence against them.

When the intervention becomes removed from the goals into an angry, blaming environment too convoluted to discuss the problem in a serene helpful way.

For more information about interventions, including steps and support, or to get information on how to schedule an intervention with a specially trained Open Door staff member, please call the 24/7 crisis hotline: 1-877-333-2470.