Family Members, Friends, & Advocates

You Can Help!

Family Services

Although family members and friends can't admit their loved ones into treatment they can help by getting education, seeking individual counseling, or by scheduling an intervention. You can also help by making a donation.

Family Education & Support

Do you wish you knew more about addiction and the treatment process? Free help is available at The Open Door every Tuesday from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Weekly topics include: What is Addiction, Current Drug Trends, Addiction and Disease Concept, Barriers to Recovery: Denial, Minimization, and Rationalization, 12 Step Support Groups for the Group Members, Networking and Community Agencies, Enabling and Co-dependency (Tough Love), and Relapse Prevention.

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The goals of an intervention are to preserve dignity, reduce shame, avoid arousing defense mechanisms, and show love and concern while helping a person realize they need to seek help and follow through with treatment to better their situation.

Individual Counseling

If you are the family member, friend, or advocate for someone who is struggling with substance use attending one-on-one counseling may help you work through the struggles and concerns you are currently facing.

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