Billing & Payment

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Below are some frequently asked billing questions and answers. If you don't see the question or answer you are looking for please call The Open Door Today. Our staff is ready to help you!

How Much will it Cost Me?

That depends on many factors: why you are coming here, what type of services you will be receiving, if you have insurance, if you a resident of Armstrong/Indiana county, etc. When you call to set up an appointment, our screeners will ask you a series of questions and will determine your financial liability, if any.

Why do I have to give my income?

The Open Door receives funding from the state, and as a requirement for you to receive this funding, if eligible, is that you are required to give your income and supply proof of that income. If you choose not to give this information, you will be required to pay full fee for all of your services.

Will my health insurance pay for my treatment?

Many health insurance plans have benefits for outpatient substance abuse. Prior to your evaluation, a member of our staff will check on the benefit information and will obtain authorization, if required, for the evaluation. If your health insurance does not have benefits for outpatient substance abuse, our staff will notify you prior to your evaluation.

Do I have to use my health insurance?

This depends on the reason you are choosing not to use your insurance. You can discuss your options during the time of your pre-screen.

If I choose to use my health insurance, will my employer find out I am seeking treatment?

Privacy laws forbid employers from finding out what type of claims are being filed for their employees.

Can I make payments?

It all depends on what type of service you are coming to The Open Door for. Please inquire with a staff member of The Open Door.

What if my income information changes?

You need to notify a staff member immediately. They will update your liability form which will be effective the day that you notify us of the change.